Monovi Communicator mobile app developed for Corporate Communication that is primarily used for corporate notifications, news, announcements, events etc. It’s been innovated to replace SMS and email newsletters for corporate communication. It helped a lot to improve communication between our clients and their target audience.

The mobile app can be integrated with your corporate communication/notification system to allow one-channel communication automation for yoru enterprise. The mobile app users can filter the preferred message types and setup easily push notification alerts. This enables users to get mobile push notification messages whenever a new message has been posted by you that fits to the user’s message filter criteria. Built-in data analysis with statistical chart views has been developed to monitor the effectiveness of the communication messages. It is also possible to crteate special groups for custom/private events such as trade exhibition organizations for special groups, meetings, training events etc. And mobile messages are privately sent to the members of these special groups.

Feedback questions can be asked to the group members, enabling to provide their answers easily by just one push. The answers are reported to the group owner who created the group on administration web app. Monovi Communicator app can provide you a lot more. We can customize the app on demand to fit your needs and apply design changes that aligns to your corporate identity.