SAP IBP, Integrated Business Planning Software for Supply Chain Transparency and Real-Time Planning.

SAP IBP helps your enterprise to be smarter. SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud-based solution that powers the Intelligent Enterprise and combines capabilities for sales and operations; demand, response and supply planning; and inventory optimization on a single platform and harmonized data model. The latest addition of demand-driven replenishment supports an innovative approach to overall supply-chain excellence. Companies using SAP Integrated Business Planning can easily align sales and operations plans with corporate strategy to support revenue growth, increase market share and attain financial targets.

Coordinate and Integrate Enterprise Planning

Run real-time scenarios and simulations and gain deep insights with advanced cognitive and predictive analytics. The SAP® Integrated Business Planning solution enables collaborative enterprise planning. It helps you enable fast responses to new market expectations and fulfill future demand based on real-time information from your extended value chain. With the solution, you can connect and automate processes, enable touchless planning, and foster a self-regulating, adaptive approach to planning. You can offer individualized customer experiences, communicate within and beyond the enterprise through social collaboration functionality, and interoperate with financial planning and the broader business network to include trading partners and to evaluate and refine plans on the fly.

Powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP HANA®, SAP Integrated Business Planning combines sales and operations, forecasting and demand, response and supply, and demand-driven replenishment and inventory planning. The cloud-based solution is flexible and scalable, and you can deploy functionality with a modular approach to suit your needs.

Unify Sales and Operations Planning

Give planners what they need to spend less time on routine problems and more time on strategic and value-added activities. SAP Integrated Business Planning supports sales and operations planning across functions within the enterprise to balance inventory, service levels, and profitability. This enhances collaboration and enables cross-functional process orchestration. The solution lets you model various business alternatives, create and optimize business plans, and combine input from multiple demand sources. You can consider budget and technical implications, assess your approach at each step along the way, and get management buy-in and approvals. The solution gives you the ability to revise plans as business conditions change, increasing planning speed and agility, driving profitable responses and decisions, and helping you hit financial targets.

Enable the Full Range of Demand and Forecast Management

Evaluate plans and their potential impacts on customer service and working capital investments. Demand management functionality provides full demand transparency across the planning spectrum, from short-term and midterm to longer-term, more-strategic forecasting. You can develop accurate forecasts with statistical modeling functionality, while demand-sensing and advanced machine learning algorithms allow you to react quickly to immediate changes. The solution lets you incorporate business intelligence for more-accurate fore-casting, enables planning segmentation, and fosters collaboration among groups, from marketing to sales and supply chain. As a result, you can look and plan ahead while reacting with speed and agility to changes as they happen. 


Take advantage of powerful supply chain analytics, what-if simulation, alerts, and more to meet future demand profitability with the SAP® Integrated Business Planning solution. Powered by SAP HANA®, the cloud-based solution combines sales and operations, forecasting and demand, response and supply, and demand-driven replenishment and inventory planning.


  • Unify and automate processes for coordinated planning
  • Make decisions and seize opportunities faster
  • Increase revenues and inventory turns, reduce inventory costs, and maintain customer service
  • End to end comprehensive view of supply chain current and historical supply chain performance
  • Alerts quickly identify current and future potential supply chain problems
  • Collaboration enables the quick resolution of issues across functions
  • Real-time scenarios and simulation on entire model
  • Demand, supply chain, and financial model at aggregate and detailed levels 

For more information, download SAP solution brief.