Track & Trace solutions help combat counterfeiting, anti-illicit trade and ensure regulatory compliance. Governments want to ensure that taxes are collected, people receives genuine products. Industrial regulations and laws are enforcing manufacturers and other economic operators such as retailers and shippers to carefully track their products in supply chain, simply from manufacturing to the consumers.

These requirements can only be achieved by implementing Track & Trace solutions that bring the security and capability to prove whether a product on the market is genuine or counterfeit. Tobacco industry is a good example which is highly regulated in most of the countries. On 3 April 2014, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU (TPD). The overall objective of the TPD is to approximate the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning rules governing the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products.

TPD aims to address illicit trade in tobacco products by introducing systems of traceability and security features for these products. The systems will contribute to reducing the circulation of tobacco products not compliant with the TPD and other tobacco control legislation. The systems will therefore play an important role in protecting public health, state budgets and legal economic operators. 

The traceability system enables the movement of legal tobacco products to be monitored (tracking) and allows the public authorities to determine at which point a product was diverted into the illicit market, or vice versa (tracing).

At MONOVİ we develop and support Track&Trace solutions for regulated industries especially in tobacco, pharmaceuticals, transportation and food industries, that meet all these regulatory compliance traceability needs. 

Tobacco Track &Trace, TPD2 Compliance 

As a reference from tobacco industry, Monovi provides 24/7 support, system analysis and technology implementation services to JTI Track&Trace systems for its factories and global supply chain around the World.

We have a great experience and knowledge in tobacco business Track&Trace requirements (EU TPD2, Russian OMS, KSA & UAE DeLaRue, etc.), T&T systems implementations and maintenance from well known technology providers such as Inexto, FractureCode and Atos Worldline.

Land Transportation Traceability

Turkey launches land transportation traceability regulation (so called U-ETDS system) which will be effective as of January 1st, 2021. According to this new regulation, carriers must report the goods online to government system U-ETDS, for all land transportations.

Monovi, provides Track&Trace for Transportation solution for carriers to help them become fully compliant with the new regulation.

Success Story

Monovi is global IT solutions and services partner of Japan Tobacco International (JTI), providing 24/7 basis first level support and engineering services to its tobacco Track&Trace systems, covering all manufacturing plants worldwide, in more than 16 countries. Monovi primarily helps JTI to ensure business compliance according to regulations such as TPD2 in European Union countries.

Monovi has a great experience and expertise globally in Track&Trace systems of tobacco industry. We know the tobacco industry regulations, challenges that tobacco companies face today in order to make their IT systems compliant. At Monovi, we are serving tobacco industry as a ”Knowledge & Technology Center” to help companies fulfill these requirements of very challenging Track&Trace regulations, in Europe and other countries around the World.