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From the analysis of your business requirements, through development and testing of business applications, modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

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Agile IT transformation

Sustainability in IT operations is becoming more complex, costly and painful for organizations. Stop spending lots of money for poor results and let Monovi drive your ITOps by applying Lean principles to achieve significant performance improvements, accelerating competitiveness by enabling change.

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Application management & support

Experience our high-performing, scalable application management and support service to fulfill your complex requirements, that will be creating a high business value.

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Application modernization

Modernize applications in an agile way by using latest technology and covering the recent business requirements to achieve your future business goals.

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Analyze and plan migration of applications to the cloud services to maximize scalability and performance.

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Data Analytics

Dive into deep of your data to discover opportunities to improve quality, earnings, and customer experience through the power of cloud, AI and big data analytics.

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Streamline the delivery of application increments by applying automated processes.

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Software testing & quality assurance

Quality is not an option for Monovi ITOps. Always targeting a high quality output, to achieve best results while lowering risks with Monovi Software Testing Services.

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Application transformation

By focusing primarily on delivering great business value with the help of latest technology and ITOps model, we use the power of cloud and best human resources.