The purpose of our information security policy is to ensure business continuity, to minimize risks, to prevent security breaches and to minimize the risk of damage by reducing their possible effects. Our security policy guarantees subjects below;

Informatation will be protected against any unauthorized access.

Confidentiality of information will be ensured.

Information integrity will be maintained.

Accessibility to the information of the stored business processes will be ensured.

Legal and Legislative requirements, provisions in contracts with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) will be constantly monitored and met.

Business Continuity Plans will be developed, maintained and tested.

Information Security Training will be mandatory to all employees.

All actual or suspected information security breaches will be reported to the Information Security Manager and will be investigated.

Procedures are prepared to support the policy. (anti-virus, encryption etc.)

Information Security Manager is responsible for providing support and advice during the maintenance and implementation of the policy.

All managers are directly responsible for implementation of the policy and its understanding by the personnel in the relevant departments.

Monovi Partner Network members let us target your business challenges in detail and provide end-to-end expert services. port from us for your analysis, development, testing or support needs regarding the software your customers use/will use.

Monovi corporate quality policy ensures;

Developing customer-oriented and high-quality software solutions, taking into account customer needs,

To improve and support our products continuously,

To follow rapid developments in the IT industry,

To closely monitor national and international legislation related to our business domain,

To ensure customer satisfaction by offering most appropriate products and solutions.

To be an organization that provides the most suitable working environment and the self development opportunities for our employees,

To be a service and consultancy company working together with customers & partners by combining team spirit and agile project understanding,

Always providing services and products in accordance with customer needs, legal provisions and regulations by adopting the philosophy of continuous improvement and development in our systems.

The performance of Monovi services are monitored and reported as per KPIs defined in SLA document. This ensures delivering a certain level of service quality and taking necessary actions to improve performance as needed.

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