Software solutions have been recognized by organizations as an important component in bringing value to the customers, leading innovation across products and services to deliver more profits, creating competitive advantage in the market.

In this era, organizations do not just seek for traditional software companies that work based on service contracts. But they look for a strategic partner for software engineering services and mission critical products who can provide services to achieve their business goals, based on the organization's long-term strategic vision.

Partner-centric mindset rather usual contractor

At Monovi, we work based on a partner-centric model with you, which puts customer success at the center of our primary focus. We are fully committed to deliver a business value and innovation while contributing to the process modernization to align with your business objectives.

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We want to be your key software development and product engineering partner and provide noticable impact on your products and services through strategically investing in technology, engineering resources and infrastructure. This helps you in launching new great products much faster, with lower cost, thanks to the experience and modern technology we had in Monovi, such as Cloud, AI, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain.

Development life-cycle

Our software engineering services cover the entire software product delivery life cycle, from the requirements gathering & analysis, and finally the deployment and go-live. Our product development lifecycle ensures faster time-to-market, by using modern software product engineering technology we have.

For post go-live, after-market phase, we offer our Application Support Services, to guarantee the sustainability of business services, with cost-effective, high perfomance approach.

Software Engineering Services

New product development

We help you to adapt latest changes in your business environment by using most appropriate technology with our ability to deliver high quality products and platforms by enabling professional project management framework. We first focus on understanding what you need and your business goal and engineer the desired solution together with you.

Software testing & test automation

There is an increasing trend on demanding software quality assurance by running software tests and test automation, that usually comes with a high cost of executing it. Monovi helps you to ensure software product quality by offering software testing services that includes running test automation as well.

Business requirements analysis

Identifying the need for change, and facilitating that change is what we mainly do at Monovi for you. Our business analysts, who define the best solutions for you, are experts in their knowledge domains. 

Technical Writing & DocOps

Technical document creation and maintenance is part of our service, and we design DocOps procedures for you to easily manage your corporate digital knowledge.

Project management & PMO

Product development cannot be run without implementing a proper project management framework. We use latest agile approaches and proven project management models to ensure delivering right product, on budget & time with high quality. We encourage to setup a Project Management Office (PMO) for organizations who run multiple, complex projects simultaneously, and bring our PMO experience to facilitate changes in a well structured way.

Automated deployments with DevOps

Managing software deployments in a cost-effective way for organizations that have complex infrastructure is a new challange. Monovi DevOps engineers help you to re-structure and automate your deployment cycles by integrating the processes between software development and IT teams. It emphasizes team empowerment, cross-team communication and collaboration, and technology automation.

Blockchain & smart contracts

New businesses that were enabled by using Blockchain technology could not be imagined just few years ago. Blockchain revolution fueled many innovations in many verticals. Monovi is one of the leading blockchain technology provider and innovator in espacially FinTech. Contact us to discover how we can help to innovate in new products and services by using recent Blockchain technology and creating smart contracts.