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Social Impact

In Monovi, our aim is sustainable work environment which has fair labor conditions, healthy and safety work place. We care gender equity and human rights. For this reason, we are increasing diversity day by day. We care work-life balance to be a more innovative company.

Green Planet

We adopt the mission of zero waste for a greener world and ensure that the software we produce contributes to the processes of our customers within the framework of this mission.

about images
Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability requires collective effort and is not an individual goal. To succeed, businesses need to shift from a reactive mindset of ‘think of the current day’ to a proactive one of ‘think the future’. The future way is to benefit from the up-to-date technology and innovation to create new, sustainable opportunities that brings more value to the businesses. Our sustainability strategy consists of four components (4S). These are sustainable way of thinking, sustainable software products & maintenance, sustainable service delivery and sustainable organization.

Sustainable Customer Success

For sustainable client satisfaction, we offer flexible software & services that can be shaped according to customer requirements. Similarly, we provide our IT and operational support in line with customer organization and requests.

Human Capital Sustainability

Continuous Learning

As Monovi, we really care Continuous Learning and contribute the improvement of our team with internal-trainings.


Incudemy is a training programme that allows learning easily and improvement thanks to online and interactive trainings.

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